Lemonade scones

lemonade scones

How to make delicious lemonade scones! And the mixture can be made in the time it takes to heat your oven.


lemonade scone ingredients

1. 4 cups of self raising flour
2. 2oz (50 grams) of butter
3. 1 can of diet lemonade (ordinary lemonade if you wish) and a little extra for making the jam. (Note: 1 can is 12.5oz (366ml))
4. A pinch of salt
5. Small amount of milk to glaze the top of scones (optional)
6. 1 small tub of diet yoghurt, vanilla or boysenberry
7. 1 1/2 cups of berries (any berry fruit are fine - we used frozen blueberry, raspberry & blackcurrant mix)

Step 1:

Preheat your oven to 425°F (220°C). Place all 4 cups of self raising flour into a large mixing bowl.

lemonade scone mixture

Step 2:

Cut butter into small pieces then use your fingers to 'rub' it into the flour. Ensure the butter is well mixed into the flour.

lemonade scone mixing

This should only have taken a minute.

Step 3:

Now add your can of lemonade and using a wooden spoon, mix it in all very quickly (the less the mixture is handled the better). If your mixture is too dry, add extra lemonade. If your mixture is too wet, add more flour.

adding water to the scone mixture

Step 4:

Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and quickly shape your mixture into a square or rectangle. Cut into 12 pieces.

mixing the scone dough flouring the scone dough mixture the scone dough mixture ready for cutting

Step 5:

Then glaze the top of each scone with a small amount of milk.

Step 6:

Place on a baking tray prepared with baking paper or alternately, greased with a baking spray.

the scone mixture placed on a baking tray

Step 7:

Place in oven and bake for 12-15 minutes until golden brown.

the lemonade scones freshly cooked

Note: we used a fan bake setting so ours cooked in 12 minutes but on a regular setting you may need 15 minutes. Be careful not to over cook.

Step 8 - Topping:

Take 1 cup of mixed berries and a 1/4 cup of flat lemonade. Place in microwave-safe dish and cook on High power for 2 minutes. Let cool.

berries for the scone topping scone topping in a microwave dish

When scones are cool, spread on your jam, then add yoghurt and garnish with rest of thawed frozen fruit. Delicious! And can be made in the time it takes to heat your oven.

lemonade scones with a mixed berry topping