Crafty Jenny Projects - page 1

Welcome to the Crafty Jenny Projects page, where you can access all of our free tutorials for fun and creative craft projects. Each tutorial contains step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions. Check back regularly for freshly added ideas. Enjoy :-)
How to decorate an MDF chest of drawers How to decorate a chest of drawers
How to decorate an MDF chest of drawers, using stencils and creative paintwork to achieve a decorative faux antique look.
How to make artwork using sequins How to make art with sequins
How to make artwork using sequins. This creates an amazing reflective eye-catching finish which we found even babies love!
How to make a rose out of clay How to make a rose out of clay
Learn how to make beautiful hand made roses out of clay. Followed by instructions on how to paint them for an antique look.
How to make earrings out of real flowers How to make real flower earrings
On a trip to Spain some beautiful delicate floral earrings caught our eye. Upon inspection we saw they were made from real pressed flowers from the seller's own garden. This is our version.
How to revamp an old wrought iron mirror Revamping a wrought iron mirror
For this beautiful old fifties mirror it was time for a makeover. The paintwork was peeling and since we actually wanted to use the mirror in the bathroom as a makeup mirror, the convex mirror wasn't suitable at all.
Lampshade made of card and wire How to make a lampshade with cardboard and wire
Learn how to make a flower lampshade using cardboard and wire. This is slightly more involved than our previous version which only uses cardboard, however this method creates a very beautiful effect.
Decorating a dressing table for a girl's bedroom Decorating idea for a children's dressing table
Here are some ideas to dress up old furniture to fit into a little girl's gorgeous bedroom. We took an old dressing table and a disused mirror and simply added imagination!
Hanging ball basket How to make a hanging ball basket
Learn how to make a beautiful, long-lasting hanging ball basket using succulent plants and artificial flowers. With a little imagination, you can design something wonderful to suit your own personal taste!
Faux leadlight window Creating a faux leadlight window
One of our windows looks out over a shed - a view we decided could be improved on. We thought a faux leadlight window would be much nicer to look at, fairly inexpensive to create.
Revamped old lampshade How to revamp an old lampshade
Learn how to revamp an old lampshade. You can have heaps of fun with this exciting project, and as always, you can let your imagination take you as far as it can go!
Pressed flowers How to press flowers
A great way to preserve the flowers that you love is to press them. In order to make our flower earrings, we experimented with two methods: using the quick and fast microwave or the more traditional method of book pressing.
Stencil platter How to make a stencil platter
For this platter we wanted a delicate look, so what could be more charming than a faux-lace finish? It was very easy to create this pretty platter and also shows that simple can be beautiful!
Room divider / screen How to make a decorative room divider Version2
Here's our second tutorial on how to make a room divider/screen. We are using fantastic patterns and pics/projects found on wallpapers to decorate this one and using a different hinging method than in our previous tutorial.
Decorated mirror How to decorate a mirror using a placemat and spray paint
Here is a very quick, fun way to decorate a mirror using the elaborate designs on placemats or tablecloths as stencils. Here's how...
Breakfast tray How to make a decorative breakfast tray
There's nothing quite like breakfast in bed... and what a treat to have it served on this pretty tray! So simple and fun to make, this decorative floral breakfast tray is also a great project to get the kids involved with.
Faux antique artwork Making a faux antique artwork
We've found another use for that old calendar you just could not throw away. By using an old tile and a calendar image, you can create a beautiful piece of artwork you can display all year round.
Designer cards A unique idea for gift cards
Here's a very quick and easy idea for making beautiful, unique greeting cards that you may end up finding hard to part with!
Room divider screen How to make a decorative room divider
Here's an idea of how to make your own room divider/screen for a relatively low cost. It's cheaper than purchasing one and much more fun to create your own - choosing the colors and exact size that you want.
Artwork platter How to make an original 'piece of art' platter
This is a fantastic way of showcasing your artwork, family photos, or art that you love. A coffee table masterpiece for all to enjoy!
Rose mirror Decorate an old mirror
A great way to revamp an unused mirror is to decorate it. We were initially inspired by some beautiful silk roses we spotted at our local weekend market and the result was this very quick and easy makeover!
Cardboard lampshade A lampshade made of card!
Learn how to make a lampshade entirely out of cardboard! This is a very easy project which requires only one sheet of cardboard and uses folding techniques to create the form.
Etched mirror How to etch a design onto a mirror
This method uses etching acid which creates a permanent yet subtle and beautiful effect on your mirror.
Pebble candle How to make a pebble candle
A great way to use up all your old candles and make a completely new one! This is a fun candle to make as the guidelines are very relaxed and the result is always a pleasant surprise!
Resin necklace How to make a necklace or pendant with a resin finish
Here's a fun way to make some awesome, original pendant necklaces of your own design. Great for gifts! For our pendants we have used original artwork, pressed flowers and favorite pics/projects from printed paper and card.
Faux leadlight window Create an aged look on timber
How to decorate timber objects creating an aged effect.
Revolving lamp using own artwork Replacing pics/projects in a revolving lamp
How to replace pics/projects in a revolving lamp with your own artwork by printing onto transparency paper and using a little paint.
Revolving lamp using own artwork Laminated scrapbook
Turn photos and momentos of a special occassions into a delightful book to be cherished. Ideas to decorate pages, using clipart, laminating and binding.
Decorated light frame Decorating an old light frame
This old light fixture from the seventies certainly lacked luster and appeal but rather than replace it, we gave it a Crafty Jenny makeover.
Childrens lightshade Light shade for kids
Decorating a light shade for a child's room: a quick and simple project idea that creates a very pretty effect!
Chandelier Resurrect a chandelier
This gorgeous chandelier was found in a second hand store. We bought some crystal trim, redesigned the chandelier and put it back into good use:)