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Dismantlable picnic table

Build this Dismantlable Picnic Table

This picnic table is specially designed for moving. It can be dismantled and reassembled in less than 10 minutes.

Plans for a picnic table that can be easily dismantled and reassembled.

A super design – A dismantlable wooden picnic table. Downloadable plans with 15 pages of plan drawings, step-by step instructions and construction pictures. The measurements are in both standard and metric.

This picnic table can be dismantled and re-assembled in 5 minutes (simply eight bolts to take out and put back). It can even be put down into a flat pack of sorts, put into a small car (hanging out the back), moved and reassembled.

I designed this one so I could get it through a narrow garden gate to a back patio. I’m sure a lot of people have a big picnic table and are limited to where they can put it or take it because of its bulk. Not this one. It’s simply a matter of easily undoing 8 bolts and down she comes. It is in five easily managed sections.


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