How to Make a Hanging Ball Basket

Hanging ball basket

Hanging ball basket materials

Learn how to make a beautiful, long-lasting hanging ball basket using succulent plants and artificial flowers. With a little imagination, you can design something wonderful to suit your own personal taste!

What you will need...
1. 2 average-sized hanging baskets with coconut fiber linings
2. Bag of potting mix suitable for hanging baskets
3. 2 blocks of florists' foam used for wet displays. (This will help keep your hanging plant ball well-watered as florists' foam can hold a lot of water.)
4. Wire ties & wire cutters
5. Sharp-tipped tool, such as a screwdriver
6. Approx 20 succulents of varying sizes
7. A couple of bunches of artificial plastic flowers (optional)

A few pics followed by the write-up

Basket pulled apart Hole in shell for watering Florists' foam in shell Potting mix covering florists foam More florists' foam on top of potting mix Shells placed back together again Tie for joining basket

Step 1. Take the coconut fiber shells out of the metal frames and randomly make holes all over with the screwdriver - about 20 on each shell.

Step 2. Cut out a circle at the bottom of one of the shells about the size of a small teacup. This will be the top of the ball and will be how you are able to water it.

Step 3. Remove the set of hanging chains from one of the basket frames. This will then be the bottom half of the ball.

Step 4. Place the coconut shell back in its frame and put in a small amount of potting mix - about an inch. Then place the first block of florists' foam into this basket. Cut foam to allow potting mix to surround the foam and to touch the sides and cover.

When potting mix reaches the top of the basket, place the second block of florists' foam on top again, cutting it so sits mainly in the center. See how much potting mix you can gently pile on top and around the foam before you have to put the top shell over it. (The top shell will have the circle cut-out at the top.) Then place second metal frame upside down over that and you will now have a ball shape.

Step 5. Take the chain you'd previously removed from the bottom basket, and reconnect exactly as per the top chain. You will then have a double chain for extra strength.

Step 6. It is now time to join both baskets together. Cut 6" pieces of plastic-coated wire and fold them over so they are double strength. Feed the wire around the joining baskets wires and then twist to secure. We suggest you do at least 20 or more of these to make sure everything is well secured, since hanging baskets can be extremely heavy.

Filling basket with potting mix Punching holes for plants Succulent plants Hanging basket ready for plants Insert plants into basket Watering hanging basket Hanging ball basket finished!

Step 7. Now, using a cup, carefully pour more soil in the top hole to make sure the top part of the basket has sufficient potting mix for the plants. You may have to poke a stick down and around so soil gets past the florist block in the middle.

Step 8. Now you are ready to place your plants into the ball.

Step 9. Make sure that the holes you made previously in the fiber shells are big enough for you to place the stem and roots of the plants through without damaging them. You may have to use the screwdriver or scissors to pry open the coconut fiber a bit more.

It takes a bit of effort but it's worth it! Succulents are excellent for this type of arrangements, as they are easily grown in any position. Work out your own plan. Obviously the more plants you have, the quicker your ball will be covered. We had a limited supply but were more than happy to wait for them to grow.

Saying that though, we decided a few strategically placed artificial flowers would add to the look for now. As the succulents grow, we will remove the artificial plants.

If you want to help the growth along a bit, remember to regularly feed and water your plants.

Hanging ball basket with Busy Lizzys
Here (below) are some photos of another hanging ball basket we made. This one is made with Busy Lizzys (impatients) and so far (two weeks later) it's coming along very nicely.

Hanging ball basket Hanging ball basket