How to make an original artwork platter

Artwork platter with resin finish
Wooden platter
Photocopies of artwork

This is a fantastic way of showcasing your artwork, family photos, or art that you love. Put them on a platter to leave on your coffee table for all your visitors to enjoy. Surprise a guest after they pick up a piece of cheese, only to reveal a fantastic piece of art or family photo underneath. Let your imagination run riot!

Material list
1. Wooden platter from your local craft shop
2. Resin. Please visit our resin tips before starting
3. Photocopies of artwork or photos
4. Wallpaper paste
5. Ice cream plastic container
6. Protective Gear: mask and gloves
7. Craft knife and cutting board or scissors
8. Cover for work-surface protection
9. Straw
10. Wide paint brush
11. White acrylic paint
12. Black gloss spray paint
13. Masking tape

A few pics followed by the write-up

Platter undercoat Masking platter Spray painting platter Removing masking tape

Step 1. Undercoat your platter
Undercoat the platter by giving it two coats of white acrylic paint. This not only primes the wood but becomes a backdrop color for the paper which can go slightly transparent with the glue. Allow time to dry: approximately 24 hours.

Step 2. Prepare and spray paint the underside of your platter Turn the platter upside down and run masking tape around the outer edge: this is to ensure that when you spray the black gloss spray paint, it will not run into the white undercoat on the other side. Once the edges have been masked, spray. Several coats will be needed. Allow time in-between to dry.

Arranging artwork on platter Mixing epoxy resin Brushing on epoxy resin

Step 3. Glue your artwork
Prepare your artwork. Photocopy originals to use. Cutting them up to reasonably smaller sizes is preferable. Experiment with how you would lay it out. Wearing your gloves, soak each piece one at a time in the glue, and stick down. Ensure you remove any air pockets and excess glue using your gloves. A sponge is handy to have to wipe off any excess glue. When doing edge pieces, trim them to fit nicely just around the edge.

Step 4. Preparing the resin
You can now coat the platter with resin which gives it a high-gloss look. As this is a large platter you will need at least 8oz or 240ml of resin mix. Once resin is mixed to manufacturer's instructions, place platter on paper (or some other disposable material) as you will have resin dripping over the edges.

Step 5. Coating your platter with resin
Now, dipping your paint brush into the resin, quickly brush resin completely over the top of your platter. We did not coat the underneath of the platter but that's a personal choice.For the next hour or so, watch for bubbles appearing and remove by blowing gently on them through a straw. Also watch for drips over the edge and wipe them gently away. This attention to detail is important for completing a successful project.