How to decorate a mirror using a placemat and spray paint

Decorated mirror
Decorated mirror

Here is a very quick, fun way to decorate a mirror using the elaborate designs on placemats or tablecloths as stencils. Here's how...

Material list
1. Mirror,   2. Stencil,   3. Masking tape,   4. Spray adhesive,   5. Spray paint,   6. Large paper or surface to practice design,   7. Protective Gear: mask and gloves

A few pics followed by the write-up

Mask out areas of stencil Masked stencil Spray adhesive to back of stencil Stick stencil onto mirror

Step 1. Create your stencil
Test the design of your placemat (or other chosen material) by applying a light spray of paint over the entire area onto some spare paper. By testing first, you can see the effect it will have and you can then mask off any areas you wish to remain clear for the mirror.

Our placemat had a wonderful border so we blocked off the entire inner design with masking tape. We cut off small pieces of tape for the tricky corner areas and then used larger pieces to fill in the center.

Step 2. Spray glue the stencil in place
On the reverse side of your stencil, spray a light coating of adhesive. Spraying on only one surface will allow you to easily stick it on and peel it off again once you have finished. Do not spray adhesive on the mirror too, or it will bond both surfaces together.

Turn the stencil over and stick down in the correct place on the mirror. Smooth over with your hand to ensure it is stuck down correctly.

Spray paint mirror Peel off stencil Decorated mirror

Step 3. Spray paint the mirror
Read the instructions for your spray paint before you begin spraying. It might be a good idea to practice using spray paint first, as it can take a while to master. Common problems are holding the nozzle down too long, which creates drops of excess paint and spraying too close or too far away. It is usually best to use even, horizontal strokes and work your way down. If you miss some areas, allow the paint to dry (about five minutes) and lightly spray again over the spots which need more coverage.

Step 4. Reveal the effect
Once the paint has dried, peel off your stencil and see what you have created! This is the best part :). Using different colors on mirrors is always interesting. Try clear matte varnish spray paint... this can give a very cool result - a little like an etched effect. White works well, too.