Magazine Mirror

Magazine Mirror Frame

How to make an impressive and colorful frame for your mirror out of old magazine pages.

What you need:
1 can of spray glue
1 bottle of clear drying craft glue
A handful of skewers
A round mirror with an approximately three inch (7.5cm) width wooden frame and a 12 inch (30cm) diameter mirror
Paint and paint brush
Old magazines. You will need approximately 160 magazine pages.

Tear out 160 pages from old magazines. Fold the torn edge over in a triangle to the edge of the other side to determine the shape of a square. Trim off the excess part of the page, being sure to trim off the torn edge so you are left with nice clean edged square of magazine page. Apply this step to all 160 pages.

Magazine mirror frame

Arrange a now square magazine page face down in a diamond position. Spray-glue its entire surface. Place a wooden skewer a couple of inches above the bottom diamond corner. Fold the bottom corner up and over the skewer and press down to adhere to the rest of the page. Start rolling the skewer up and continue until your entire page has been rolled up into a tube. (You will be surprised with every single roll you make, as it is very difficult to predict how the colors from your page will look after it has been rolled up on this angle!)

Pull or push skewer out of the magazine tube. Repeat this for all pages. Use a well ventilated area for this, and place scrap paper over your table. Spray glue can get messy.

Magazine mirror frame

Paint the wooden frame a color of your choice. As you are arranging the magazine rolls in a circle, you are bound to see through to the frame in parts and you want a color you prefer to show through. Allow to dry.

Magazine mirror frame

Attach four tubes to the frame by gluing one on at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock. Place them with the thinnest part of the tube in the inner part of the mirror, making sure all of them are aligned to the frame equally throughout. Now glue one in the middle of each of these. Then glue one more in the middle of each of these. Use a clear drying craft glue to attach them, applying a descent amount to each tube for it to adhere well. Use knives or other weights to keep them in place until they dry.

You can now proceed to fill in each gap gluing 9 tubes in each empty section. Pour the craft glue in each section so you can simply press your tubes firmly down into it, and place a cup or some kind of weight on top as you finish each section. Once you have finished gluing them all on, place a better weight like a large bowl upside down, or a flat round platter filled with weights, and leave it over night to dry completely.

Magazine mirror frame

Once it has completely set you are ready to place the mirror back in and hang on your wall! There you have it... a simple idea which looks absolutely fantastic! You could also try cropping the edges of the tubes to make a clean edged circle, or create any shape you desire (see edited photo idea below).

Magazine mirror frame