Printables Styling Tips

How to use our printables.

Here is some helpful information on how to use our printable templates, and how to add some personal touches through printing and decorating techniques.

Using JPEG files

Our printables are provided as JPEG files. A JPEG file can be opened up in any simple graphic software program, picture viewer or word document program.
We save each of our printables at a high resolution (300 DPI). That means it will print out at professional print quality when printed to size. For example if you have downloaded an A5 sized printable (A5=148 x 210mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inches), then printing at A5 size will produce a high quality print. It also means that you could print smaller and you would still have a high quality print, however if you decide to go larger you will start to lose quality.

Printing setup / Sizing your print

First open your JPEG file in a graphic or word document program. It is best to choose to print from these programs rather than some picture viewers, as here you have complete control of the size of the print, whereas some picture viewers programmes rotate, crop and fit to page, which is not what we want.
Now choose how you would like your print from the printing options box. If you print at 100%, it will print out at the size we designed them for. You may like to print smaller either because you prefer it that way, or maybe you have envelopes of a certain size. In that case print it at a smaller percent, by typing in a lower percentage size in the printing options box. Doing it this way will keep the quality of the print high.
The instructions above are suitable for all programs. However, in some programs such as Microsoft word, you could also adjust the size of the JPEG in the actual word document by dragging the handles of the image into the size you prefer, and then print at 100%. The quality would still remain the same when printing (as long as you don't increase the size).
In the printing setup box, also make sure you select all the necessary options for a high quality print, full color, paper type etc.


Printing is where you start to have fun with printables! For an original effect, print on craft paper and use a good quality printer. There are many different types of paper you can source from local art shops. Experiment with:

Textured papers: Textured papers look gorgeous, but be aware that the more textured the paper, the harder it may be to print all the details of the design. This is because the ink from your printer may not be able to reach certain areas if there are a lot of raised bumps on the surface. The flatter the paper, the smoother the print.

Colored papers: Colored papers and card can also add a unique element to the printables. Keep the color light however, in order to see the print!

Different paper weights: The heavier the stock is, the usually the better for invitations.

Different printers will print colors differently and at different qualities. If you don't like the quality of your own printer, you could try printing at a local print shop. Note: If you are purchasing a customized template, it's a good idea to download and print the free version first, in order to see how the colors will print out exactly.

Trimming your printable

To cut out your printable use a steel ruler and a sharp craft knife. Line the ruler up along a borders edge, press down tightly on the ruler and run your craft knife down along its steel edge. If you have thick stock paper, run the craft knife down a couple of times, to be sure you cut through your paper. Always keep the ruler on the inside of the border line. This way if you slip while cutting, you will only cut the surrounding paper and not the design itself.

Decorating your printable

Another time for fun. Here you can really jazz up and personalize your printable. You could do all sorts of things really. Here are a few ideas that I can think of for invitations:

Pressed flowers: Attach a pressed rose, or simply pop it into the envelope with the invitation.

Ribbons: Attach a ribbon tied in a bow, or punch a hole in the invitation and tie a ribbon through.

Stamps and wax seals: If you have a personal stamp you could use it here. Or seal the envelope with a real wax seal. I'm sure craft stores have some lovely shapes / designs for wax seals.

Aging paper: If you have an antique theme, you could dye your invitation using wet teabags.

Stickers: You could add some stickers (tastefully). A few diamante stickers in the corner for example.

and much more: I'll get back to you when I get some time to think of more!

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