About Crafty Jenny

Welcome to the Crafty Jenny website. Our site will not only give you some great ideas for crafty projects, but you'll also have a lot of fun making them!

There is also an abundance of free clip art and free printable, all done by Rosey and a very good quality.

We would love to hear your comments or further ideas on any of our projects. We also welcome any ideas that you may wish to post on the Crafty Jenny site: any posts will be at editor's discretion, of course. To contact Crafty Jenny email at jennkenny@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you will be inspired. Now, meet the Crafty Jenny team!

crafty Jenny

About Jenny
My name is Jenny Kenny and my daughters' names are Roseanne Kenny and Angela Kenny. We are the Crafty Jenny team. My interest in crafts stemmed from sewing and knitting for my four children and husband, and to this day, I still can't resist a lovely piece of fabric! As my children have grown, I have found other crafts to keep me occupied. As you can imagine, with four children recycling has always played an important role, and we have incorporated this into our crafts.

Roseanne Kenny

About Roseanne
Roseanne completed her Bachelor of Graphic Design a few years ago and after working for several years as a website designer, she now spends her time on her own artwork but still does a bit for Crafty Jenny.

Angela Kenny

About Angela
Angela helps with the recipes. She is mostly a health freak but does indulge now and again and loves cooking and experimenting.

But wait...

The site is currently being completely over hauled, so it will be an ever changing site for a while.
Have a great day.