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Project Safety

Safety procedures for any crafty project you undertake are always important to follow.

A common danger of our crafty projects is exposure to toxic materials. Many art and craft supplies contain toxic substances which can harm you either through accidental inhalation, ingestion or skin contact, so it is important to be aware of any potential dangers. We recommend you ensure your safety by reading the labels on the materials you use and strictly following the advice the manufacturers may provide for you. Considerable protection from unnecessary exposure to toxic materials can be achieved by following these simple project safety tips:

1. Store your materials safely and use correct labeling.
2. Thoroughly clean up after using any art and craft materials*.
3. Don't eat or drink around these materials.
4. Properly ventilate any room you use these materials in, so any contaminants will eventually be removed from the air.
5. Wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves, mask and eye protection.
6. Use a good light source so you can see all materials clearly when using them.

*For specific information on the proper disposal of art and craft materials, please contact your local county health department.

Tools present another common danger. In the majority of our crafty projects we do not tend to use power-tools, however many of those we do use can be sharp and dangerous. Make sure to keep all your tools in a safe place and always out of the way to avoid any hazardous accidents. Occasionally we use power tools, too, and in these situations there are many health and safety rules to follow. For an extensive guide please follow this link: http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/handpowertools/index.html.

Mess is dangerous when using both tools and crafty materials. It is hazardous to leave any tools or sharp objects lying around, or materials that may cause surfaces to become slippery. Be sure to clean up and put away as you go, to avoid any nasty slips, trips and falls.

We hope this information helps you to remain safe when making your crafty projects.

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