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Project Idea - Resurrecting an old chandelier

We discovered this chandelier in a second-hand store. It was missing its wiring so we originally purchased it to use the faux crystals as Christmas tree ornaments. However after cleaning them up, we decided that with a little extra crystal trim and some clever design changes we could resurrect it. Once we had the wiring fixed we'd have a chandelier we loved!

Resurrected chandelier

Resurrected chandelier

Resurrected chandelier

Resurrected chandelier

Resurrected chandelier

Resurrected chandelier

Resurrected chandelier

First we re-colored the frame with antique gold paint.

Then we re-attached the faux crystals in a different way. We hung the bare original frame from a clamp placed over a door frame and using lengths of crystal trim, attached and draped them onto and over the original fame, feeding the faux crystals through the trim instead. This gave the chandelier a much more elongated and elegant look.

We attached the trim to the frame using a hot glue gun. If you don't have a hot glue gun, a good adhesive suitable for attaching gems will also work.

We attached iridescent beads to any of the frame edges we didn't want exposed with the hot glue gun. We also glued the beads on the end of the trim where we had fed through round faux crystals to prevent them from slipping off!

A few minor changes and some extra beads, and voila: a chandelier to be proud of!

We did need a electrician to connect it up and add extra length to the power cable for us. Also, we purchased some chain (which we painted the same color as the chandelier frame) to support the weight of the chandelier so it would not strain the power cable once we attached it to the ceiling.

The verdict: we're glad we didn't use the chandelier crystals for Christmas tree decorations but if we tire of it that will be a great way to recycle again !!!!!!!

The materials we used:
  • Gold paint
  • Chain
  • 6 yards of pretty crystal trim
  • Glue gun
  • Pretty glossy white beads

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