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Revamped old lampshade

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How to revamp an old lampshade

Learn how to revamp an old lampshade. You can have heaps of fun with this exciting project, and as always, you can let your imagination take you as far as it can go!

Materials for revamping an old lampshade

Material list
1. Light shade
2. Sheets of fine, handmade craft paper. (We also used some florist tissue paper wrap)
3. Sheets of slightly heavier handmade paper in bright colors. (All these we bought for a small amount at local craft store.)
4. Glue suitable for this type of project. (We used a common, all-purpose glue for paper and wood etc. You will need a good size bottle of this.)
5. Spray can of gold web paint from a local paint shop. (If you can't get this, you could create a similar look using a small can of gold paint and just lightly sponging it on.)
6. Strings of beads. (We used the beads from an old room divider.)
7. Hot glue gun for gluing on the beads
8. Knitting needles and a ball of a silky fluffy yarn to match your colors
9. Matt finish varnish for protection. (We used an art matt spray.)

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