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Room divider screen

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How to make a decorative room divider

Here's an idea of how to make your own room divider/screen for a relatively low cost. It's cheaper than purchasing one and much more fun to create your own - choosing the colors and exact size that you want. Our idea is just one of many - use your imagination! The styles, decorations and embellishments you could use are endless.

Room divider screen side 1

Room divider screen side 2

Material list
1. A sheet of pine softboard 2400mm x 1200mm (4ft x 8ft)
2. Jigsaw
3. Work stools/table
4. 2 x clamps
5. Pencil and string
6. Long ruler or straight edge
7. Wide material tape
8. Wallpaper with embossed patterns
9. Wallpaper paste
10. Large paintbrush
11. Sponge
12. Craft knife
13. Cutting mat
14. PVA glue
15. Spray paint of various colors; including one of black
16. White acrylic paint
17. Paint roller
18. Protective gear: mask and gloves
19. Staple gun

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