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Pebble candle

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How to make a pebble candle

What a great way to use up all your old candles to make a completely unique new one! This is really fun to do compared with many other candle projects because the guidelines are much more relaxed. And as an added bonus, the end result is always a pleasant surprise!

Pebble candle materials

Material list
1. Pot for melting wax
2. Cooking thermometer
3. Pebbles (can get from local fish/pet store)
4. Candle wax
5. Wick
6. Bowl
7. Object to create candle shape (We simply used a smaller bowl.)
8. Wooden spoon for stirring wax
9. 2 x wooden skewers
10. 1/2 cup of water
11. Piece of paper
12. Sticky putty
13. Spoon
14. Jug
15. Chisel

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