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Room divider screen

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How to make a decorative room divider - Version2

Here's our second tutorial on how to make your own room divider/screen for a relatively low cost. We are using the amazing patterns and images found on wallpapers to decorate our divider and using a different hinging method than in our previous tutorial.

Room divider materials

Material list
1. Wallpaper x 2
(i.e. a different wallpaper for each side of the divider)
2. Wallpaper glue and bucket
3. Hardboard: 4ft x 8ft and 1/4" thickness
(or 6mm x 2400mm x 1200mm)
4. Drill
5. Sponge
6. Approx 6 yards (or 5.5 meters) trim
7. Jigsaw (to shape arch and cut panels)
8. Strong yarn (for hinges)
9. Crochet hook (for knotting hinges)
10. Safety gear: gloves and eye protection
11. Scissors
12. Measuring tape
13. Pencil and string (for marking hardboard)

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