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Artwork platter with resin finish

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How to make an original artwork platter

This is a fantastic way of showcasing your artwork, family photos, or art that you love. Put them on a platter to leave on your coffee table for all your visitors to enjoy. Surprise a guest after they pick up a piece of cheese, only to reveal a fantastic piece of art or family photo underneath. Let your imagination run riot!

Wooden platter

Photocopies of artwork

Material list
1. Wooden platter from your local craft shop
2. Resin Please visit our resin tips before starting
3. Photocopies of artwork or photos
4. Wallpaper paste
5. Ice cream plastic container
6. Protective Gear: mask and gloves
7. Craft knife and cutting board or scissors
8. Cover for work-surface protection
9. Straw
10. Wide paint brush
11. White acrylic paint
12. Black gloss spray paint
13. Masking tape

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