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Decorative rose mirror

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How to decorate an old mirror

Old mirror awaiting decorations

Silk roses for mirror

Attaching roses with hot glue

Source a mirror which you would like to decorate, along with enough silk roses to completely cover its frame. Clean the mirror and turn on the hot glue gun. The glue gun takes a minute to heat up before you use.

We were very lucky with our rose rings as they provided an excellent surface area to glue and bond to the mirror frame. If you are using single roses, you will have to make sure enough of the surface of the flower will be touching the frame. To do this, you may have to trim some of the plastic from the bottom of the flower.

If you are limited with the number of flowers you have, make sure you plan your placement in advance so you don't end up short. In a quick motion, cover your rose ring or the end of your single rose with the hot glue, then stick directly onto the mirror frame. The glue dries fast, so be sure to place the flower exactly where you want it. Hold the flower there for at least five to ten seconds, or until you are sure the glue has dried and it is secure.

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