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Faux leadlight window

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How to create a faux leadlight window

One of our windows looks out over a shed - a view we decided could be improved on. We thought a faux leadlight window would be much nicer to look at, fairly inexpensive to create and a new challenge for us, as we have not tried this before.

The view before the faux leadlight

Material list
1. 1 to 2 cans of glass frosting spray paint. (Most good hardware stores carry a range of colors. We used white.)
2. 6mm or 1/4" masking tape. (Available at car paint suppliers - not a common size available at most paint shops.)
3. General masking tape
4. Scrap paper
5. 6mm or 1/4" sticky-backed lead. (This you will have to get from a leadlight craft store or alternatively you can use a liquid Faux lead available from most good craft or art stores)
6. Scissors and cutting knife for lead
7. Mineral turps
8. Paper towels

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