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How to revamp an old wrought iron mirror

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How to revamp a wrought iron mirror

For this beautiful old fifties mirror it was time for a makeover. The paintwork was peeling and since we actually wanted to use the mirror in the bathroom as a makeup mirror, the convex mirror wasn't suitable at all.

Original wrought iron mirror

Material list
1. Old convex mirror in beautiful frame
2. New flat mirror without frame
3. Old Gold leaf paint
4. Metallic copper paint
5. Mint Green paint
6. Sponge
7. 1inch thick Paintbrush for frame and trim
8. Paint stripper
9. Cloth
10. Small wire brush
11. 1x Medium paintbrush for clay rose
12. 1x fine paintbrush for clay rose
13. Glue for attaching clay rose to metal trim

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