Personalised Soft Toy - page 2

Print Face onto Prepared Calico Fabric:

Prepare a photo to be printed. The photo of the face should be set inside a circle with a diameter of approximately 85mm. You could use a computer programme to do this, or you could photo copy a photo to the correct scale if that's easier. Using a computer programme would be best however as for best results it's good to saturate the colors of your photo as printing it onto fabric really absorbs a lot of the color. Once you have prepared your photo for print, you need to prepare a piece of calico fabric to be suitable for printing on. For these instructions please see our printing onto fabric tutorial by clicking here..

face photos for soft toy

Attach Face and Trims:

Once your printed face has been set and is dry, iron applique paper onto the back of the circle and trim it to the circle. Peel off the backing paper and iron the face in position onto the front piece of the doll. (alternatively or for extra enforcement you could sew it on using an applique stitch around the edges). Use the iron at quite a hot temperature for the adhesion to work well. It is a good idea to use a brown paper bag between the iron and the fabric to protect from burning or marking.

fixing the printed face