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Personalised Soft Toy Project

giggling gerties

How to make a cute personalised soft toy with your baby's face on it!

This tutorial describes how to make our doll which we call 'Giggling Gurtie', how to print a face onto fabric and includes free PDF download files of the doll pattern and flower face template (for personal use only).

Download, Print and Prepare Pattern:

Download the PDF version of the pattern by clicking here.

The pattern is larger than a standard A4 sheet of paper, so it has been broken into two parts, each of which fit on an A4. Print out at 100% scale. Once printed, overlap the two sheets, aligning the pages together using the blue lines as a guide. The blue lines need to be matched up, one on top of each other. Holding the sheets up to a window can help see through the top sheet of paper in order to align correctly. Once in position, tape the sheets together on the front and back. Then follow the scissor line to cut the pattern out. The dotted line inside the cutting line is the seam line (approx 10mm or 3/8 of an inch inside the cutting line).

soft toy pattern

Cut out Fabric:

Fold your fabric over or prepare a double layer and place the pattern on top. Pin the pattern onto the fabric and cut out your fabric by following the pattern exactly. You now have two pieces of the same shape - the front and the back of the doll.

soft toy fabric for cutting