Personalised Fairy Card


Download the two files from the previous page (Click on a picture to go to a bigger image, wait for the image to load, then right click with your mouse on the image and save the file to your computer).

Open the forest image in a photo editing program. Find the most fairy like digital or scanned in photo of the child you wish to use and open that file also. Clear cut the photo of the child by using selection tools to select the background areas and pressing delete. You may need to delete the background part by part if need be. Once you have cleared away all background imagery, leaving you with a solid white background, use the magic want tool and select all your white area. Invert this selection so only the child is selected and click on copy. Add a new layer to the forest image and paste in your selection. Resize your image by dragging transformation handles until it looks good in front of the wings. Next change the color balance of the photo to make it fit more seamlessly into the forest photo. Tip: The photo has a lot of extra yellow and green hues than a standard photo so try focusing on those colors first and just play around until you get a nice match. 'save' or 'save as' your file.

forest image in a photo editing programme.

Print your newly edited photo and the frame image too. Select 'print at actual size' or 'print at 100%' in your printer options. They are designed to fit together nicely in this instance. Print from your photo editing program, not a standard picture viewer where they only print certain limited sizes. Use nice thick matt archival photo paper for best results.

Spray glue the back of your printed images and stick onto card. Once adhered, crop out the images using a steel ruler, sharp craft knife and a cutting mat.

Free fairy frame and backdrop scrapbook or card printable - superimpose your own photo

fairy frame and backdrop

Carefully cut out the inner part of the frame. There are some detailed areas jutting into the frame centre, so take your time cutting here. Score lightly around the area you are cutting first, to help guide your craft knife the second time around - preventing cutting mistakes. The frame has some fancy pattern in the centre area too, which I originally wanted to cut around. However after a lack of patience I cut it off instead. I now prefer without that extra detail. (See photos for your own opinion). Cutting through the paper and card usually takes a good 3 - 5 scores at each part. Better to gentle and repetitive than to force the blade and create a wrong cut.