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Free printable handmade Mother's Day card

Mothers Day Card Printable

Here is a gorgeous little Mother's Day idea you can print out and assemble. It's a card in the form of a little homemade booklet, with a story expressing how important your mom is to you and how much you love her:) Here is how to make the card...

Download the printable file:
To open the pdf file of the card click here

Print the file:
Print out pages 1 to 4 onto plain white paper (you could also use a lightly textured paper or a nice light colored paper). Select the option 'fit to page' when printing to be sure you get the entire print. Page 4 of the pdf file is the cutting guide to use for the front and back protective cover of the booklet. This page needs to be photocopied onto acetate paper (or any other form of clear plastic paper).

Assemble the booklet:
Cut out the booklet pages by cutting along the dotted line. It's best to use a craft knife, steel ruler and cutting board to achieve clean accurate cuts.

Special Little Mother's Day Card

Special Little Mother's Day Card

Once cut, assemble the pages in order. You want the backs of each page facing each other, so you don't have any plain white pages in your booklet. E.g. page 1 + 2 need to be back to back, and page 3 + 4 need to be back to back. Place one of the cut acetate pages at the front and one at the back. Once everything is in order use bulldog clips to temporarily bind the pages together to prepare for punching holes.

Special Little Mother's Day Card

Using a hand hole punch and hammer or a regular hole punch machine, punch a hole through the booklet where the four cross marks are.

Special Little Mother's Day Card

You can now bind your book using some colored ribbon. On the left hand side feed ribbon through all the page's holes and tie a bow to secure them. On the right hand side you only want to feed through and tie some ribbon between every two pages, to keep the blank sides of the pages together and out of sight. For the first and last set of pages however, make sure to include the acetate pages.

Special Little Mother's Day Card

And there you have it. A very beautiful, sentimental handmade booklet for your mom this mother's day.

Special Little Mother's Day Card

Special Little Mother's Day Card

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