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Crafty Jenny Recipes

Welcome to the Crafty Jenny Recipes page. Scroll down to view all of our free recipes we have to offer. Each recipe contains easy to follow instructions and photographs of the entire process. Check back often, as we add new food ideas regularly. Enjoy :-)

 Sweet Recipes

How to make a rich dark chocolate cake Rich chocoale cake - click here
How to make a devinely rich and dark chocolate cake.

How to make banana cake Banana cake - click here
How to make a banana cake and decortate with cream and frosting.

How to make butterfly cakes Butterfly cakes - click here
How to make cupcakes for the more sophisticated guest :-)

How to make cupcakes Cupcakes - click here
How to make cupcakes: tasty, colorful treats for those special occasions!

How to make lemonade scones Lemonade scones - click here
Delicious! And can be made in the time it takes to heat your oven.

 Savory Recipes

How to make a quiche / frittata Quiche / frittata - click here
How to make a crafty
quiche / frittata

How to make the Spanish tapa Croquetas de jamon Croquetas de jamon - click here
This is a traditional Spanish tapa. The English translation would be Spanish Ham Croquettes.

How to make pan con tomate Pan con tomate - click here
Here is the quickest traditional Spanish tapa you could ever make: simply bread with tomato and olive oil.

How to make champinones al ajillo Champinones al ajillo - click here
This is a traditional Spanish tapa. The English translation is 'Mushrooms in garlic'.

Recipe Videos Crafty Jenny Recipes

We are now providing 'Crafty Jenny Recipes' in video format. Learning to cook new recipes couldnt be made easier, and like everything on Crafty Jenny - they are all free!

Video - How to make healthy bran berry muffins Branberry muffins - click here
A to make healthy branberry muffins.

Video - How to make chocolate slice Chocolate slice - click here
How to make a deliciously rich chocolate slice. A family favorite.

Video - How to make marshmallow slice Marshmallow slice - click here
How to make marshmallow slice. It's yummy gooey and artistic!

Video - How to make a tuna mornay Tuna mornay - click here
A fabulous quick and tasty meal.

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