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Crafty Jenny Projects

Welcome to the Crafty Jenny Projects page, where you can access all of our free tutorials for fun and creative craft projects. Each tutorial contains step-by-step photographs and detailed instructions. Check back regularly for freshly added ideas. Enjoy :-)
Lampshade made of card and wire How to make a lampshade with cardboard and wire
Learn how to make a flower lampshade using cardboard and wire. This is slightly more involved than our previous version which only uses cardboard, however this method creates a very beautiful effect.
Decorating a dressing table for a girl's bedroom Decorating idea for a children's dressing table
Here are some ideas to dress up old furniture to fit into a little girl's gorgeous bedroom. We took an old dressing table and a disused mirror and simply added imagination!
Hanging ball basket How to make a hanging ball basket
Learn how to make a beautiful, long-lasting hanging ball basket using succulent plants and artificial flowers. With a little imagination, you can design something wonderful to suit your own personal taste!
Faux leadlight window Creating a faux leadlight window
One of our windows looks out over a shed - a view we decided could be improved on. We thought a faux leadlight window would be much nicer to look at, fairly inexpensive to create and a new (previously untried) challenge for us.
Revamped old lampshade How to revamp an old lampshade
Learn how to revamp an old lampshade. You can have heaps of fun with this exciting project, and as always, you can let your imagination take you as far as it can go!
How to make tea cup bird feeders from antique or old tea cups and saucers.
How to make tea cup bird feeders
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