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Below is a selection of websites we've found helpful or inspirational for our crafty projects. We'll continue to add the ones we love as we come across them. And if you come across free craft information that you get lots out of, please let us know so we can share them with others, too!

This is a great website containing many exciting ideas for unique and easy to make crafts. The tutorials are free and contain photos, too.

Free printables: this website is really awesome! Hundreds of cool links to free printables for all sorts of crafty projects, such as: box templates, recipe cards, coloring pages for kids, maps, candy wrappers and more!

And my favorite discovery from the website above... so farů

Some interesting and useful tips for craft projects can be found here. This website also has a number of free tutorials for craft projects.

This website has some really cute handbag ideas with free patterns and instructions.

This site has Heliographic Art (or sun painting) instructions for fabric, which looks quite exciting. Plus it includes a few more techniques for coloring fabrics under 'Techniques'.

Many free patterns for all sorts of projects can be found here.

A page filled with information on making a variety of candles.

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